Second Mortgage Loans

Second Mortgage

Need Additional Funds at Affordable Interest Rates.

Second Mortgage gives you the flexibility you need with your mortgage financing. Are you locked into your First Mortgage, and do not want to pay penalty on existing mortgage.

This mortgage program provides borrowers with the additional flexibility of allowing a Second Mortgage to be registered against their property while keeping the existing first mortgage.

2nd mortgage on your property can help you to tap into the equity for:

Consolidating Debts

Home Renovations

Children Education

Replace Another 2nd Mortgage

Pay Tax arrears

Cash out for Investments

Payoff Consumer Proposal, Judgments and Collections

Second Mortgage will allow you to get additional funds based on the equity in your home.  At Finser Mortgages, we offer you low interest rates from private mortgage lenders.  The interest rates and fees depends on the specifics of each deal.

Advantages of a 2nd Mortgages:
If you currently hold a low rate first mortgage and do not want refinance due to discharge penalties, fees, etc. Why should I get Second Mortgage?

Easier to Qualify
Fast approvals
Flexibility with Interest only payments with one or two year term.

Second Mortgages can be arranged at fast turnaround time.

Do you have equity in your home? If so, You can have access to additional funds with competitive low interest rates.

Once you have secured a second mortgage, you can use the funds for various purposes according to your situation. You can use the money to pay off other creditors and personal loans as well as outstanding vehicle loans.

Your home is the greatest asset most people have, and using the equity in your home allows you to secure additional funds. Take action; Get expert advice on Second Mortgages.

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