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Mortgage FAQ’s

Which Mortgage is right for you?

Various types of mortgages solutions are offered in current market. Finser Mortgages offers every available type of mortgage that you can qualify. Fixed Rate, Variable Rate or Cash back mortgage, we   custom tailor a mortgage product that is right for you. Call Finser Mortgage Broker or Agent and have an honest opinion and free consultation for your Mortgage needs.


How do I qualify for a mortgage?

Every Mortgage is unique, and Finser Mortgage Broker or Agent will walk you through the whole process. We understand your financial goals and based on your needs, offer the right mortgage best suits you.


Why use our Mortgage Brokerage?

Your Bank may not offer you all the solutions in the market today.  It is a simple alternative and since our professional advice is going to be non-biased, you can make an independent decision for your mortgage requirements. Not to forget we get you better lower mortgage rates. Contact our Mortgage Brokerage and let us help you find the lowest mortgage rate you qualify for and flexible mortgage options.


What is the Fixed Rate Mortgage?

Fixed Rate Mortgage keeps your interest rate locked in and your payments stay the same through the whole term. Your financial goals are set from the start of the term and fluctuations in the interest rate market does not affect your mortgage. Speak to a Finser Mortgage Broker to get started with Fixed Rate Mortgage Solution.


What is Variable Rate Mortgage?

Variable Rate Mortgage does not lock your interest rate for the term. The fluctuating interest rate will change your mortgage payments. Talk to our Mortgage Broker or Agent and see if Variable Rate Mortgage Solution is the right mortgage that best suits you.

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