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Why Join Finser?

5 Reasons to join Finser.

Successful Mortgage Agents and Brokers have these things in common. 

We provide excellent in house support and training to help every agent to be successful. We help you be better equipped for your clients, with enhanced branding resources, approachable leadership team, convenience and accessible support.

1. Expert Leadership.

Characteristics Describing our Leadership Team! Need We Say More?






2. Comprehensive Training.

Train on Cutting Edge Mortgage Tools.

Effective Mortgage Process Management.

Build relationship with Lenders.

Provide Premium Service to Clients.

Knowledge of Innovative Mortgage Products.

3. Technology Advantage.

Web-Based Mortgage Origination Technology.

Help you with the latest Mortgage CRM.

Mortgage Calculators.

Business Management Tools.

4. Unparalleled Mortgage Brokerage

In Business for more than a decade!

Personal D+H Access.

Equifax Business Services.

We provide FSCO registrations.

Errors and Omissions Coverage.

Competitive Commission Packages.

5. Marketing.

Personalized Website Page.

Extensive Online Presence.

Print Media Marketing.

Automated Email Marketing.

Lender Rate Updates.

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