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Private Mortgage

Private Loan and Private Funds.

Banks say No? We say Yes!

Finser Mortgages is able to arrange private mortgage for clients that are having difficulty acquiring a loan from traditional lenders. We take into account the overall value of property, borrower’s credit history and ability to pay short term loan back to the creditor.

Alternative Mortgages arranged even with bad credit.

We offer:

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What is a private mortgage?

This is a short-term, interest-only loan that is often taken out by someone who doesn’t qualify for prime or bad credit lending.

Is this Mortgage right for me?

There are traditional mortgage solutions and others that may work not for you. Sometimes with strict mortgage regulations and changing scenarios of borrowers qualification becomes difficult. This has made Private Mortgage an alternative solution more popular. Since mortgage payments are Interest only, it helps in increasing the cash flow and provide temporary short term lending solutions for one to three years.

This mortgage is a solution for borrowers who are looking for a alternative funding source.
Workable in many situations such as:

– Borrowers inability to qualify for traditional bank mortgage.
– Emergency funding is needed when going through foreclosure
– Tax arrears are due.
– Self employed with unverifiable or fluctuating income.
– Non residents inability to qualify.
– Second mortgages and Investment properties.
– When breaking an existing mortgage does not make sense.
– Property does not fall in the lending area and criteria of traditional bank lending.
– Private mortgage lenders are more flexible and make funding simple, quick and easy.
– Borrowers looking for higher loan to value.

More emphasis is on the asset rather the limitation of the parameters by traditional lenders. Alternative mortgage solutions are available at higher rate for compensating higher risk involved. Additional lender fee, legal fee and broker fee is involved.

It is important to know the significant risks involved with this type of mortgage. Will your financial situation change in future? Is this for short term and long term financing solution can be arranged at the end of term?
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