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Fixed Rate Mortgage

Fixed Rate Mortgage suitable to your needs.

Fixed Rate Mortgage is referred to as a mortgage loan that is fully amortized where interest rate remains the same for the term. Unlike adjustable rate mortgage this mortgage is not tied to the Bank Prime Rate. Monthly payments is the amount paid by the borrower each month that ensures that the mortgage is paid off by the end of amortized period. This provides security against possibility of increase in interest rates.

Fixed Rate Mortgage keeps your interest rate locked in and your payments stay the same through the whole term. Your financial goals are set from the start of the term and fluctuations in the interest rate market do not affect your mortgage.

This product is more popular product than other available mortgage products. You can enjoy this mortgage guaranteed for 120 days when you are approved for this mortgage. If rate goes up during this period, your approved rate remain same.

Homeowners get discouraged to refinance due to the penalties associated for the remaining term. Despite this mortgage may be a good choice for a wide range of borrowers because of the relative low risk and predictable monthly payments.

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